Type of Vastu



1.Residential Vaastu

2.Business Vaastu


The humans used to line in mountain caves to protect the body from natural calamities like heavy rains, scorching heat of sun, harsh winter, thunder bolts, and animals.

The advent of civilized society he started building houses, first by cutting mountains and then constructing independent buildings.

Vaastu Shastra helps us to achieve the right temperature, flow of fresh air, and preparation of tasty and nutritional food. Vaastu shastra allocates spaces for activities and rest all this is achieved through proper ventilation in a natural way.


Habitation is the basic need of every living being man builds houses for his living any piece of land and structure built on. It is known as “Vaastu” It has been derived from the word “Vaas” which means to “Live”. Its practice started with vedic period.

Our ancient saints have concluded that anything living or non-living in the universe is made up of five basic element or panch maha bhoot. They are prithvi, Jal, Agni, Vayu, and Aakash.

When these five elements are in harmony in our body. We are healthy and active and when their equilibrium is disturbed one is devitalized or unhealthy same is true with our place of living or work.

Vaastu shastra is the only science of directions which instructs how to maintain best equilibrium of these five elements in a building and make best use of them to energize mental and physical energies of inhabitants to the maximum extent.

In other words vaastu tell us how to make use of these five elements for the maximum convenience, comfort and security, keeping them in perfect harmony in our home or place of work so that one should enjoy health, wealth, prosperity and growth.

It has many branches of vaastu like:-

1.Grih vaastu

2.Nager vaastu

3.Prasad vaastu

4.Devalaya vastu


Vaastu means environment, Purush means energy, mandala means the astrological chart which relates the layout to the orientation.

The image of the vastu purush on the mandala is drawn in the likeness of man. 45 gods are constituents of the body of the vaastu purusha the extent allotted to each of the deity differs but not their relative position in the plan. The lord of central square is always the lord of cosmos, the north is attributed to the lord of wealth, south to the lord of death, and east to the lord of light, the west to the lord of winds suggesting that their be a gurtyard in the centre of the building.


There is a story about creation of vaastu purash who occupies every construction. It may be a houses, factory, office, school, commercial complex, temple etc.


The story goes like this that in the beginning, there existed a demon, omnipotent but nameless and formless. He started terrorizing whole of the world by blocking out the outré sky. A fierce war broke out between the gods and this demon.

On the guidance of lord brahma the gods gathered together any prossed this entity firmly into the ground as a winning arrester does with opponent 45 of these gods sat on his body as a precautionary measure to stop is negative activities in future. Lord brahma gave him the name of vaastu purush who’s omnipresent in every vaastu.