19th of September 2019 Blog

Rudraksha's salvation door

It is believed since ancient times that Rudraksha has been born through the eyes of Lord Shiva. It helps
in solving all kinds of problems in our life. Whether it is promotion, wealth, wealth and value etc. any
Rudraksha There is a sp

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19th of September 2019 Blog

Pitradosh – A Struggle

There is a different perception about Pitridosh in our India, it is a defect
associated with our ancestors and people of the family. Which create
obstacles in our worldly life and in spiritual life. The blood of our

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3rd of October 2019 Blog

Shakti Mantra

What are Shakti Mantras for the Planets?
- These Shakti mantras are special Bija and seed mantras with a wide application in yogic teachings.
- Most have special planetary correspondences ( like SHRIMand the Moon ) b

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10th of October 2019 Blog


।।  जय श्री राम ।।
खास है कार्तिक महीना

भगवान शिव के पुत्र कार्तिकेय ने इसी महीने में त

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11th of October 2019 Blog

Sun rays Therapy (Heliotherapy)

Sunrays Therapy (Heliotherapy)

According to Vedas, Heliotherapy is the use of sunlight in the treatment of disease. It has been known in India for thousands of year. Our ancient realized that each colour has an independent Vib

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