Astrology Remedies.

Different permutations and combinations are looked at to find out the effect of planets on different aspects of human life. Once the astrological effects are ascertained on health, wealth, relationship, career, spouse, children and education, good and bad planets are identified for each of these aspects.

Vedic astrology suggests enhancement remedies for planets whose effects need to be enhanced and pacifying remedies for these planets which need to be calmed to reduce its negative effects.


1.Gems ornamentals.


3.Yantra (may be extra cost)


5.Other advise.

Astrology is based on the fact that cosmic force of planets governs human body and life. The cosmic structure (Signature) imprinted on us, at the time we were born defines our physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and even karmic self. Not every planet is all powerful at our birth time and each planet gives varied effects on each individual.

One of the major concerns of an astrologer is to study the horoscope analysis and effects of each planet (See which effect is lacking or required assign the gemstones to enhance the required essential force in our body and life. As per vedic astrology gemstones are commonly used as enhancers and giving calm and sacrifices are used as pacifiers each planet has different stones with it. Similarity different objects and articles are used for offering and sacrifice for pacifying the effect of different planets.

FOR EXAMPLE:-Blue sapphire is the gemstone associated with Saturn, yellow sapphire for Jup and white pearl for moon.


Mantra and prayers are also very effective in pacifying and enchncing planets hower, its very religion specific and for hindus it becomes difficult to follow them with the same conviction dedication, reverence and accuracy.


Yantras to get more benfic results like education and intelligence, poor, authority, and knowledge, creativity and eloquence and wealth. Like this.


This yantra is used for knowledge and intelligence, it is used to appease the planet Buddha or mercury. When mercury is afflicted the use of mercury yantra (Budha yantra) is very beneficial and favorable. This is very useful for people darling with mathematics, commerce and communicating and also for business.


Different type of pooja got a benefic results. And progress in your life.

Like wise

•Grah shanty pooja

•Kalsarap pooja

•Vastu pooja

•Lagan pooja


•Mangal Shanti pooja

Even marriage where the matching was not attract a lots of problems which can partially be solved by remedies.


Trees, plants, flowers play a role of at most importance in remedical vastu shastra. They dispel the faults in vastu shastra by a big amount. You can even place a fish pool as a remedy to remove vastu shastra faults. Colour choices and proper lighting can also act as vastu shastra remedies and improve the vastu performance. The colour should just need to be chosen and blended harmoniousy with the room’s vastu position.

Same applies to the lighting to proper lighting can reduce room stress effectively.There are acting as perfect vastu shastra remedies. These things will not only remove vastu dosha (problems) or act as a vastu remedy but also enhance the beauty of the house. This is the beauty of vastu shastra.

Spiritual suggestions plays a very important role in our life. We can make better our future by these suggestions. We can make better future by our hard work. We can not postpone the coming problem but can find the way of protect us by these suggestions.