Numerology is easiest of all the mystic science.

Number have their hidden meaning, Number are the formula of all formulas and the rule behind the rule the and spiritual ground of our very existence life has its problems and applied numerology is a unique solution.

Numbers are seen as a problem until we understand them, then they become the means to solutions.Every problem has its numbers and when you know the numbers of the problem you are half way to of solving it.Solutions are basically formulas that tell you how to put together the numbers in such a way as to find the answers to your questions.The story of a personals life is written in his name and date of birth.

There is one god and their number influences every thing. If you have one eye your view of the world would be different enough.

To determine now you lined your life. The numbers on the money in your pocket decide what you can and cannot buy. As do the number on your credit cards, when in the times before money existed, exchange required numbers so many pigs for so many sacks of peanuts.

The number on your passport may prevent you getting out of the country or it may allow entry into foreign lands people get in touch with you by the number on your door or your telephone number.

You know your age because you know the numbers of your date of birth.

Every philosophy every political, solution are philosophical system and every culture is built on the same backbone, number is their common ingredient.

Numerology Calculator

1 A, J, S
2 B, K, T
3 C, L, U
4 B, M, V
5 E, N, W
6 F, O, X
7 G, P, Y
8 H, Q, Z
9 I, R

A Correct choice of suitable time, date, name, colour and lucky number etc. Can minimize and bad effects and minimize the good ones, in other words, numbers talk that impresses the most since even most qualitative differences are measured in numbers.

Numbers are a universal language. True numerology is not about quick the solutions fortune telling, winning the lottery or finding your lucky numbers. Yet knowledge of number is a life long Jewel that you can refer to again and again.

If you try to understand them from a society rational position then you will find it Different to really hear what is being shared.

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